The four different seasons of the year

There can be four seasons in a year. These four seasons are completely different from one another. These four seasons can be so interesting and beautiful in their own way. These four seasons are Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. These four seasons have their own importance and unique features.  Animals and other organisms in the nature have different mechanisms of coping with these four seasons. Even trees have different mechanisms to withstand these seasons. As humans we should take care of heath during these four seasons.

Winter can be the season in which the temperature goes to a minus degree Celsius. It’s very important that we focus more on our health during this season. In this season our body is more prone to infections and other diseases. This will be the coldest season of the year. It will snow and everything will be white during this season. This is the season in which the Christmas and new year is celebrated. It’s important that we wear clothes which are warm enough and eat warm food.

Spring will be the season after winter. This can be called the most beautiful season of all. There will be so many beautiful flowers and trees during this season. All the trees will start to bloom at this season. There will also be so much of animals and other organisms in the forest out after their hibernation. This can be a beautiful season. This season will be less cold compared to winter and less not compared to summer. There will be so much of pollen and dust in the environment during this season. This can us more prone to respiratory infections, so it’s important that we be attentive about such infections.

The next season will be the summer season. This is the most hottest season of all time. This can be very dangerous as it can cause dehydration and lead to loss of consciousness. It’s very important that we drink enough water in summer seasons. This can be a very big problem as it can cause different types of health related disorders due to increased amount of heat. It’s better if we have something like a verandah in the house. You can rest on your chair with outdoor cushions during this season without going out under bright sun exposure. This can be bad to your skin.

The other season is the autumn. This is also called the season of fall. This can be a very nice season in which all the leaves in the trees fall and get ready for the winter. This season may look so beautiful as all the leaves in the tree may turn into yellow. Trees during this season will look gorgeous as it will all bring and there will be leaves on the roads making it even more beautiful. There can be frequent rainfalls seen in this season.

These seasons can say a lot more to us than just the temperature change. These seasons can say us how life can change after every winter. There is always a season in life that we will have problems and later the life will be more beautiful.

the authorEdytheGendron