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Are You Building Your House with Eastern Feng-Shui in Mind?

Buildings and foundations that are well-built are essential. Vaastu holds that a well-designed building, whether it’s a residence or a workplace, is the source of all good fortune. Unfortunately, Vaastu Shastra is not considered a science by most architects, and as a result, its principles are often ignored while creating new buildings. Because Vaastu is not taught in most architecture schools, they are unaware of its importance. However, some colleges have recently understood the need of employing Vaastu for effective orientation and have included it in their curriculum. There is no doubt in their minds that the principles laid down in this old construction discipline are valid.

Such structures may benefit from Vaastu if the architecture is strong and stable. Since we now have unlimited access to information, we can utilize it to our advantage only if we work with Vaastu home builders Sunshine Coast to put these ancient secrets into practice. Otherwise, the people who live in these freshly built homes would suffer.

If there is room to build, people will. Here are some of the most notable findings made during the house’s construction. The outcome will depend on how much you care about your property. Although Vaastu Shastra is primarily concerned with the design and decoration of buildings, architecture has a narrow emphasis, whereas Vaastu Shastra is concerned with the well-being of the entire planet.

For example, the home at the northwest corner of the plot may diminish the owner’s prestige, bring financial difficulties, harm their health, induce stress, and much more. A few other things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • The eastern or northern portion of the house is the proper area to lay the first brick of the foundation.
  • Excavating the plot from the west, south, or southwest is never a smart idea.
  • The first room to be built must face South according to Vaastu techniques.
  • Square or rectangular plots are vital and wonderful in every aspect for constructing houses. However, the sides of a rectangular form must never be more than two to one.
  • To maximize profits, larger areas of land are ideal. Clefts and fissures are not acceptable. This indicates that the dwelling must never be next to another building on any side (two houses must never have a common wall). Furthermore, no house should be sandwiched between another.
  • Triangular plots are extremely unfortunate.

There are several issues that come with owning a little piece of land that is sandwiched between two larger plots.

Two fundamental forces — positive and negative — are at the core of this age-old practice. When it comes to Vaastu, rituals have nothing to do with the science of it. It’s a one-of-a-kind method for reducing the harmful effects of negative forces and creating a protective barrier for individuals who dwell in the house.

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