Most Popular Patio Door Styles and How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

Patio doors are a great way to open up your home and allow more natural light in. If you have a patio, it is important to choose the right patio door that suits both your indoor and outdoor space. Although the patio is an extra outdoor space, it is actually considered as an extension of your home. Picking the perfect door is important not just for the aesthetics but also to keep your home and family secure.

There are so many options when it comes to patio door types. However, there are some few that are the most popular choice among many homeowners. If you’re at the market searching for the perfect door, here are the best options you might want to consider.

French Door

One of the most common types of patio door is a French door. It is made from 2 doors that open at the middle, giving a fully open space when opened. You could choose to open just one side or both parts at the same time, depending on the opening you needed.

Because of its style, French patio doors are only perfect for small openings. It is not suited for wide openings since you’ll need a wider door which takes up more space when opened or closed. You can choose the design depending on the style and aesthetics of your home for a more cohesive look.

Sliding Doors

If you want to maximize floor space, check out sliding doors patio. Unlike French doors which open in the centre, sliding doors consists of 2 or 3 panels that slide and overlap with each other. They don’t open in or out which means you don’t need to clear floor space to operate the door.

If your doorway to the patio is a bit wider and won’t fit a French door type, a sliding patio door is a great option to consider. Sliding doors usually have large panes of glass, giving you a better view of the outdoors and allowing more natural light in even when it is closed.

Bifold Doors

For very wide openings, you could opt for bifold doors instead of the traditional sliding door. Instead of sliding and overlapping over each other, this type of patio door fold back into each other looking like a concertina.

Aside from wide doors, you could even fit it on a large section of a wall to give a beautiful view of the outdoors. While bifold doors give better view, it is not that easy to open and close. Most homeowners who use this door usually have a small traffic door for easy and quick access outdoors, so they don’t have to open the bifold doors completely.

Choosing the right patio door for your outdoor space is important for your home’s security and aesthetics as well. With these popular patio door styles, choosing the right one for your home is made a lot easier than ever.

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