Extension Ideas to Expand Your Living Areas

Over time, your family and lifestyle can change and you may need additional living space. You can consider whether your existing space can be extended instead of moving to a new place. By expanding the living space, you can accommodate a growing family or improve the appeal of your home.

There are many builders

That specialise in renovations and extensions such as Assemble Homes Melbourne. If you want to blend indoor and outdoor living, you can consider adding a sunroom extension. You can use floor to ceiling windows or glass doors and this space can be used for a home office, lounge area, reading area etc. You can also use indoor plants to strengthen the connection to nature. Wraparound porches are also a great idea and you will be able to extend your living area beyond the interior walls in this way. This will improve the façade of your home and you will be able to create versatile outdoor spaces. There can be spaces created for outdoor dining, entertaining guests or relaxing enjoying the fresh air. You can create a comfortable space in this area using cosy outdoor furniture, plants and lighting. This will create a transition space between the indoors and outdoors.

You can also expand the kitchen space and create an open plan dining area.

This will help bring everyone together and there can be a common gathering area for meals and entertaining. You can bring in natural light to the space using large windows and glass doors. You can also connect indoor and outdoor dining areas so that functionality is improved. For example, the outdoor dining table or bar area can be located close to the indoor kitchen so that you don’t have to go far when carrying food or drinks from the house. Then there are certain overlooked spaces in your home such as the garage. There is a lot of potential in this space and you will be able to add more area to your home using this. You can convert the garage to a gym, entrainment room or home office. This can also be a multifunctional space. When the vehicle is not parked, the garage area can be taken into the living area.

You may have unused attic space in your home

And you can consider a loft conversion in this occasion. You can create a unique living area with this. You can use the loft as an additional bedroom or it can be converted to a home office. You can make the space bright and cosy by adding skylights and maximising natural light. You can look into custom-built storage solutions to minimise visual clutter. You can also extend a specific area of the house such as the kitchen or living room. This will help create additional square footage. You can consider your house plan carefully and decide where space is needed the most. This way, you will not need to undertake a full-scale home extension. You can add a window seat or a breakfast nook and increase the space in your kitchen or create a reading corner for the living area.

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